Posted by Rebecca Warren ● Jun 6, 2018 9:54:00 PM

The Akros Deployment Model

Akros is a software product that runs on commodity components – x86 servers and white-label programmable network switches (e.g., OpenFlow).

Based on substantial customer feedback, the software is deployed as a dedicated cluster of servers that can plug into a data center network. The cluster can be seamlessly integrated with your network.

Minimum deployment requires 4 x86 servers and two white-label programmable network switches.

To increase total capacity, additional servers can be added – the system will automatically detect new servers and add it to the pool of resources available to run the network functions and other services.

Running on top of the servers is Akros – the network services platform and a set of base services (such as the state store).Demo for Website_2

At Stateless, we have also developed a library of network functions. These network functions are updated regularly and over time, additional functions will be added.  

The network function library currently includes packet filter with connection tracking. Additional functions on the road map include BGP Router, NAT (both available Q1 2019) and such functions as IPsec termination, layer-3 load balancer and IDS/IPS. 

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